The America Nepal Medical Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of medical training and practice in Nepal. To promote these goals, the Foundation awards grants each year on a competitive basis to support worthwhile projects in Nepal. ANMF tries to encourage as many worthwhile projects as it can. Limited resources make it impossible for us to meet every need. However, we encourage the submission of good proposals. The more worthy projects we can take to the public the more support we can raise.

To apply for a grant, please fill out our project proposal form. Please read our guidelines before applying, to make sure your project qualifies.

  • For information about the types of projects ANMF is looking to fund, please see Guidelines.
  • For information about deadlines and the timeline for approving projects, please see Deadlines.
  • To submit a project proposal and grant application, please see Request.
  • For instructions on how to complete the project proposal form, please see Instructions.
  • For information about ANMF's project proposal process, please see Protocol.
  • To learn about projects that ANMF has already approved, please see Projects.
  • To place a request on our bulletin board, please see Bulletin Board.
  • To make a donation to help support our projects, please see Donations.