The America Nepal Medical Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of health care and medical education in Nepal. The Foundation has two ongoing programs in Nepal - ANMF/Nepal and Continuing Medical Education. In addition, each year ANMF funds as many projects as possible. These projects are brought to us by interested institutions in Nepal. They are funded on a competitive basis. The project proposals are first reviewed and prioritized by our sister organization, ANMF/Nepal. This is because the medical professionals working in Nepal are best able to determine the needs and priorities of the country. Project proposals recommended by ANMF/Nepal are forwarded to ANMF/America where they are funded to the fullest extent we are able. We depend upon contributions from the public to support this work.

In addition to these projects funded on an annual basis, ANMF occasionally takes on large scale, multiyear development projects that require significant investment. These projects are funded separately from our normal projects.

ANMF also provides an electronic Bulletin Board where persons or institutions in Nepal can post their needs, and persons worldwide can post their offers. These requests and offers are not reviewed by ANMF and we cannot vouch for their verity. However, the bulletin board provides a good opportunity for needs and resources to find each other.

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