The mission of ANMF is to promote the advancement of medical training and practice in Nepal.

It is the firm belief of the foundation that as with the problems in any other field, the primary responsibility of resolving Nepal's health problems lies with the Nepali people including medical professionals. There can be no substitute for their own commitment and action in Nepal. However, as a U.S. based nonprofit organization, the foundation is committed to supporting the Nepali people's ongoing efforts to enhance their health status. ANMF will focus on improving the quality of medical care, medical education and medical research in Nepal.

The foundation's objectives are to:

  • Promote the advancement of medical training and practice in Nepal
  • Promote and facilitate continuing medical education in Nepal
  • Strengthen research capability of Nepali health professionals and foster collaboration with North American research institutions
  • Facilitate academic visits to Nepal by North America based medical experts
  • Support projects in Nepal that promote delivery of health services to underserved areas and people of Nepal
  • Promote projects that make Nepal more self-sufficient in health care delivery
  • Encourage medical projects in Nepal that have an educational component
  • Foster access to current world medical educational resource materials for Nepali health professionals
  • Provide appropriate medical equipment to worthwhile programs in Nepal
  • Support construction of facilities to advance medical training and practice in Nepal
  • Foster cooperation between ANMF and other organizations providing medical assistance in Nepal

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