ANMF Activities at a Glance

ANMF is dedicated to building Nepalís healthcare infrastructure and developing the countryís ability to be self sustaining in the instruction and training of healthcare professionals. The Foundationís first priority is education and the transfer of technical know-how to Nepal, including continuing medical education programs (CME), medical technology maintenance skills, etc. ANMF is open to any proposal that promises to strengthen Nepal's ability to deliver quality medical care to its citizens.

ANMF members and supporters have regularly volunteered to visit various healthcare institutions in Nepal to provide their expertise and to participate in various educational activities. This has also helped to develop collaborative relationships between Nepali healthcare institutions and various institutions in USA, Canada and other countries. Every year, ANMF provides funding support to various healthcare related projects in Nepal.

The ANMF website is regularly updated to provide information about ANMF and its activities. It is also a useful resource for the healthcare information in Nepal. Medical institutions in Nepal can apply electronically for ANMF grants by filling out a brief proposal form on the website. The ANMF Bulletin Board is a service to help match donors with requests from Nepal.